I am a Motivational Speaker, Business owner of De La Rosa Insurance Services, LLC,  Success Coach and Meditation Guru. I am the founder of the Meditation and Mindfulness Project, as seen in Mantra Magazine.  It is my mission in life to empower women all over the world, I have the ability to spark something deep within my clients by giving them practical tips and tools to forge their own path. 

“What is on the inside of you is reflected on the outside and you cannot move to the next level unless you work on that first.”
I am confident and conscious with the ability show other women exactly how to connection and create in all areas of life so they have the tools and knowledge to learn how to make, keep and grow wealth doing exactly what they love!
How would you like me to take you from where you are now to exactly where you want to be so you can have Wealth, Health, Love and Happiness?  I do that with Specific strategies in finding deep inner peace, as you strive toward your most ideal life of your dreams. All dreams are possible and achievable, and I know that from not just one personal experience, but many, many personal experiences.  
My natural Entrepreneur Mentality & 15+ years of experience in sales, marketing, business development and acquisitions, gives me the knowledge to back the business strategies I give all my clients. 
It also helps that I have coached others through the achievement of their dreams, I not only have faith that anyone, anywhere, can make their visions a tangible reality, I also have the tools to help you get there.

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