21 Jan 2017

The Grateful Gardenia- Janet Gunn

Featured Entrepreneur: Janet Gunn
Interviewed by: Anna De La Rosa
Photo Credits: Janet Gunn and Son
Episode: #3
It doesn’t get better than this my Loves:)
I am SOOO excited to have Janet Gunn joining us today, she is the gorgeous babe behind The Grateful Gardenia.  Not to mention a born and raised Texas Gal, just like me!!!
She is such a freaking inspiration and her style is impeccable.  Look at her rocking that pair of jeans!!!!!!
As a little girl, I remember watching Janet on TV, but never did I think that one day I would be interacting with her about life and how she became such a success.
Janet Gunn- is currently soaking up the sun in Southern California. She loves jazz, jeans, scarves, Diane Keaton movies, fitness, flowers and creating in her kitchen.
With a lifetime of experiences, Janet couldn’t do it without the support of her amazing family, husband, son and we cannot forget her adorable dog.
She has been a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader to flight attendant to jewelry designer – Leading actress on T.V. Series & DGA Member NBC -CBS – USA Network to name a few,  Now you can find her on several platforms such as her Lifestyle blog – The Grateful Gardenia, which she launched about 1 1/2 years ago.
She has a YouTube Channel “Motivational Mondays”
Video Segment for Focus Magazine-Television called “Fearless Females”
Facebook Live every Friday on DRIVEN4PASSION
Facebook Live series that just began called “Glow&Grateful”
Listen to the latest episode below.  She tells us the secret behind her current projects and how she has been empowered to keep going.


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